We've been around for a while now.

Since 2010, Polyfountain Media LLC (formerly known as Landscapingcheeto3d.com) has been providing clients with a wide range of digital media products and services. From simple image files, to green screen video editing, all the way to concept design, modeling, and rigging for indie games currently on the open market, we have been a non-stop, creative force!

Now with a new podcast, and a local audio visual service agency, we are expanding our abilities to reach new clients and markets.

Polyfountain Media LLC is now currently developing it’s own in-house, unique, groundbreaking IP in video games. Blending traditional linear gameplay, timeless storytelling techniques, and new multi-player paradigms to connect players with players, our games in development will bring a higher level of entertainment to the “casual” gamer, as well as provide the “hardcore” gamers with a fun, enjoyable change to their current grinding, mining, and micro-transactional routines.  


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Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss a possible project or learn more about my work.

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