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8-19-21: REVIEW POSTED ON "Tabletop Role-Playing Games" Facebook Forum

"I just want to add here that I think that Legacy is a GREAT game. Deeply thought out and well written. It's not for every group, but for groups that want more than dungeon crawling, get this!"


Noah Dudley ~ 
Former Creative director at Jim Henson Interactive and Producer at Walt Disney Computer Software
9-17-21: Total Downloads of the LEGACY RPG Quick-start nearing 200!

It's been a little over a month since the quick-start guide has been released as a free download on both and SInce then, it has been downloaded 197 times! Only 3 left to go to hit the 200 download milestone.

11-01-21: Total Downloads of the LEGACY RPG Quick-start and new module "SAFE PASSAGE"

Since the last post about the LEGACY Quick-start, we have reached a new total of 236 downloads! After its large explosion of downloads in its release month of August (164 total), each month since has seen a steady stream of about 30 downloads each. Fingers crossed that the trend continues.

Last month we released a new, "pay what you want" standalone "quickplay" survival module entitled "SAFE PASSAGE" It was released in the week leading up to Halloween. In that time, the module has already  been downloaded 75 times! 

Hoping that this means that there is definitely interest in us continuing to produce more game content. The plan is to eventually lead into our upcoming Kickstarter. More on that to come!